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iLife is a discontinued software suite for macOS and iOS developed by Apple Inc. It consists of various programs for media creation, organization, editing and publishing. It comprised: iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD, iWeb and GarageBand. Only iMovie and GarageBand remain and are now sold separately on Apple's Mac App Store. iDVD and iWeb have been discontinued and iPhoto has been succeeded by Photos.

A Mac user from the United States shared his opinion about iLife on Amazon in 2011:

"For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that Apple has released a really useless and problematic product. I upgraded from iLife 09 thinking that, just like every other software upgrade I have purchased, there might be a few little bugs but the benefits would outweigh the risks. NOT SO WITH THIS ONE! Thank goodness for Super Duper backup software. iLIfe 11 is a resource hog and very sluggish. My Mac Pro is a 2.6 Ghz purchased in 2010 and iLife 11 slowed the system down to a crawl. I rebuilt my iLife library twice and vacuumed the database but the events/thumbnails were slow to load and slow to focus. I went to the Apple store to play with several showroom computers and it was the same thing again and again. Clearly, the software is bloated and does not really add any great features. Another problem is that after you load the program, it tells you that it needs to modify the entire library. This reorganized many of my events and many pics have been moved around and reorganized; some photos are missing completely. Rebuilding the iLife library will help speed up any version of iLife so a little housekeeping will help any system; unfortunately, this software should have never been released since nothing is going help with its buggy and sluggish behavior. I finally gave up and tossed the disk into the trash. After restoring my backup, I was back to the good old iLife 09. I can't even bring myself to sell the used disk on eBay because of the hate mail that I am likely to attract from some poor unsuspecting buyer. If you are going to install this, please backup your entire computer!"


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Customer service Rep (Former Employee) says

"The training was not effective, staff was very unprofessional they stated there was an open door policy about voicing your opinion and keeping it discreet but that was not true"

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"I worked for a friend of the family along side their daughter who was Absolutley lazy and should of never got half the cut for working. I would come into the home on my scheduled days and nothing would have been done. And by this i mean that there would be a mountain of dishes again that i just got done a few days before. Also i am a smoker and by the time i was done with my shift i will have been out of smoke because said coworker would smoke them all while i was taking care of our cients aka her parents. Cons: Mooching Coworker"

Personal Care Worker (Current Employee) says

"This was strictly in the hands of management. From lying about my actual employment date to the holding out on pay, lying about hours, accusations of theft, and manipulation; this management team not only held me back but lied about the most ridiculous things. The effort it would take to attack and go about this would defeat its purpose. Great company to work for with the right team. There was absolutely no way the pay was enough for what I put up with."

Patient Care Worker (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy working for iLife. The company care about employees and patients. The pay is good and the hours are as well. I am part time so I can not speak on benefits."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The director of customer service is a poor individual both personally and professionally with no sense of morals or how to manage her employees. She is both a liar and driven by her personal preferences of the employees. The customer service supervisor was an amazing individual until she became in cahoots with the director. Cons: the director over customer service"

In Home Care Provider (Former Employee) says

"The manager was drama and threw fits like a child. Threatened to kick people out if she didn't get her way. Could've been better. Good pay. Stressfull. Cons: Drama and stress"

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"iLIFE maintains a diverse workforce and is a good place to find work if you are a minority and/or female. Their expectations of white males are much higher than other employees so unless you enjoy a challenge I would suggest white males look elsewhere. They are focused mostly on the day-to-day grind and just keeping their product moving and not so much on future growth. With fully equal treatment of employees and more investment in their future they could turn into a nationwide boon for lower-income families and individuals. Cons: Short-sighted, human resources discriminates against white males"

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"If you like caring for others going to appointments a little cooking and cleaning this will be a place to work at. I was able to care for a family member through this company."

Respite Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"iLife has occasional difficulty paying you the correct amount. Sometimes they don't pay on time or they don't pay you at all. Pay rate is below satisfatory. Cons: Inconsistent pay"

Personal Care Worker (Current Employee) says

"A day at ilife is for me to clean my client house and do there laundry. I learned to work at my own pace. No management was around.The hardest part was family coming in trying to steal our job. Cons: no benitfts"

Personal Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"No one seems to know what channels to go through to handle disputes or issues. There are two separate departments by the state that do not communicate with each other which makes it hard to resolve issues. No one seems to know how the company works. Cons: no real chain of command. To many separate departments unrelated"

Adult Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"As an adult caregiver I assisted with all personal care of individual. Prepared all meals, washed individuals clothes and assisted individual to all appoimtments. Cons: Unable to take time off without back up help."

supportive health care worker (Current Employee) says

"I love the mission and vision but i just wish i received better pay for all the work that is required. iLife is a very good company and the way that its ran is good besides the pay rate."

Personal Care Aide (Current Employee) says

"Great company to work for. I enjoyed working there they were always willing to adjust my schedule as needed and give me time of when needed. I do wish the salary was better however, at least 15.00 a hour. I would like to work for this company part time as a supplement to my income."

Home Health Aide (Current Employee) says

"Im really up for any job that is worth the pay. Im a very hard dedicated person who love people of all kind. Working for Ilife is a good experience being that i get paid to take care of a dear family member also. Cons: Short or long unpaid breaks"

Personal Care Worker (Former Employee) says

"Being a personal care worker was the hardest yet most enjoyable job. Getting to know a complete stranger on a personal level was the hardest. It teaches responsibility for others and a different level of multitasking."

Personal Care Worker (Current Employee) says

"No career advancement or insurance Cons: cut hours short frequently"

Personal Care Worker (PCW) says

"The most hardest part of my job is awaiting pay because of small reason. Explaining to Consultant why I did not receive my pay. (e.g. Systems were down, didn't receive time sheet, etc.)"

Caregiver (Current Employee) says

"It has been my pleasure to work with the same client for the past 6 months. I assist her with personal hygiene tasks, grooming, dressing and sometimes bathing. I do ebough so that she knows I’m there for support not to take her independence from her. Cons: Healthcare"

Sitter/Caregiver (Current Employee) says

"ILife is a very nice place to work part time. You get to bond with the people you take care of and the scheduling is very flexible. The person I take care of is great, very nice. I help transport and clean her house from top to bottom! Cons: Need higher pay"